Framingham Generator Installation

Project: Framingham Generator

Square Footage: N/A

Address:  Framingham, MA

  • Replaced aging 3rd floor turbine generator with a 2 megawatt emergency backup reciprocating diesel generator
  • Installed new 24-inch insulated stainless steel stack from generator, extending above the roof to comply with EPA mandates
  • Made significant structural modifications to support the weight and location of the generator and stack
  • Installed new intake and exhaust air louvers, control dampers, sound attenuation devices, ductwork generator combustion and radiator cooling
  • Updated fuel oil controls and alarms
  • Upgraded generator controls to automate transfers from local electrical utility power to generator power in case of outage
  • Installed and commissioned a new connection box to allow a portable generator to be connected to the building during maintenance of the new stationary generator

All work took place while the building was completely in use, without interruption to telecommunications operations or personnel. Normal plus one power was maintained via local electrical utility power and a portable generator.

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