Rockefeller Center Distributed Antenna Service (DAS) Project

Project: Rockefeller Center Distributed Antenna Service (DAS)

Square Footage: 5,500,000

Address:  New York, NY

The Rockefeller Center Distributed Antenna Service (DAS) Project consists of 9 buildings:

  • 600 5th Avenue
  • 610 5th Avenue
  • 620 5th Avenue
  • 1 Rockefeller Plaza
  • 10 Rockefeller Plaza
  • 45 Rockefeller Plaza
  • 50 Rockefeller Plaza
  • 1230 Avenue of the Americas
  • 1270 Avenue of the Americas

The DAS features a centralized Head End Room located within a former bank vault along with a centralized Fiber Collection point which connects the 9 properties to the Head End room.

The following are highlights of the overall project:

The 9 buildings total 213 stories encompassing ~5.5 million square feet of office and public spaces.

  • 2,472 antennas will be used to cover the footprint.
  • 175,000 feet of coax will connect Antennas to the Remotes.
  • 55,000 feet of fiber will connect Remotes to the DAS Head End Room
  • 75 tons of air conditioning will be used to cool the Head End, Fiber Distribution and UPS rooms.
  • 103kVA of protected power to support the overall DAS system